Some flights have been canceled at Uzbekistan's international airports



Today, February 17, Uzbekistan Airports announced the reasons behind flight delays to Almaty, Istanbul, Jeddah, and other destinations. It was reported that flights from Tashkent and Urganch to seven international cities are currently delayed. These include:

- Flight HY-341 from Tashkent to Sharm el-Sheikh, originally scheduled for 09:00 local time, is now postponed to 12:00.
- Flight HY-667 from Tashkent to Novosibirsk, scheduled for 12:30 local time, is delayed to 13:10.
- Flight KS-128 from Tashkent to Almaty, scheduled for 14:35 local time, is now postponed to 15:50.
- Flight HY-501 from Tashkent to Beijing, originally scheduled for 13:50 local time, is now postponed to 17:20.
- Flight HY-273 from Tashkent to Istanbul, initially scheduled for 16:50 local time, has been postponed to 18:00.

Furthermore, Centrum Air flight C6-7712 from Urganch to Jeddah, scheduled for 09:00 local time, is now delayed until 12:30. Panorama Airways flight 5P-5359 from Tashkent to Jeddah, originally scheduled for 12:20 local time, is currently postponed to 15:00.

It's worth noting that flights were canceled yesterday due to severe snowstorms in Kazakhstan.


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