Drunk driver hits a second grader in Samarkand



A 70-year-old man driving under the influence in Narpay district, Samarkand region, struck a second-grade student. This incident was reported by the regional Road Traffic Safety Information Service.

The girl was on her way home from school when she was hit by the driver, who lost control of his Nexia-2 on a neighborhood street. She sustained injuries, including a broken arm, and required surgery.

"She has a wire attached to her hand. My daughter is fine now, and we will be removing the wires soon. I urge drivers to avoid inflicting such pain on innocent children by drinking or speeding," said the girl's mother.

The schoolgirl mentioned that her friends were with her at the time. Investigations revealed that the 70-year-old driver had his license revoked for driving under the influence a year ago.

"I took him to the hospital and assisted everyone. I will not drink again or drive a car. I advise others not to drink and drive. I apologize to everyone—the neighborhood and the child," said the driver.

A criminal case has been initiated under part 1 of Article 266 of the Criminal Code (Violation of safety rules for the movement of vehicles or their use). The investigation is ongoing.

We also remind you that earlier in Kashkadarya, a second-grade student died after being hit by a truck.


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