Putin expresses gratitude for Uzbekistan's neutral stance on Ukraine



Russian President Vladimir Putin expressed his appreciation to Uzbekistan for maintaining a neutral and balanced stance on the Ukraine situation. He made this statement on June 5 during a meeting with foreign news agency leaders.

Putin mentioned that he had discussed issues related to Ukraine with Uzbek President Shavkat Mirziyoyev during his recent visit to Uzbekistan.

"President Mirziyoyev undoubtedly supports a peaceful resolution to the Ukrainian crisis and has voiced concerns about the developments in Ukraine. We are thankful for Uzbekistan's neutral and balanced policy," said Putin.

Sergey Shungdekin added that Putin also addressed the situation in Afghanistan with Mirziyoyev.

"Uzbekistan faces challenges related to access to global seas and oceans. Various logistical solutions, including routes through Afghanistan, are being considered—such as pipelines, railways, roads, and energy supplies. Stability in Afghanistan is crucial for both Uzbekistan and Russia. The Taliban-controlled Afghan government must adhere to UN agreements, ensuring the inclusion of all ethnic groups in governance. Establishing relations with the Taliban government is a delicate but vital task," Putin noted.

Previously, President Putin had sent a telegram to President Mirziyoyev, thanking him for the hospitality extended to the Russian delegation during their state visit to Uzbekistan.


Putin Ukraina neytral siyosat minnatdorlik

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