Putin visits Mirziyoyev's residence



Russian President Vladimir Putin's visit to Uzbekistan spanned three days, during which he was invited to the home of Uzbekistan's President, Shavkat Mirziyoyev. This information was shared by Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

"I know that they talked until three in the morning yesterday. In fact, the President of Uzbekistan invited the President of Russia to his home, demonstrating a genuine, personal friendship," Peskov stated.

The two leaders decided to have a semi-private, semi-working breakfast together today, sharing a meal before Putin departed for the airport.

Peskov also clarified why Putin's state visit to Uzbekistan extended to three days instead of the initially planned two days.

"Firstly, the volume of bilateral relations necessitated a detailed examination by the heads of state. The comprehensive and clear agenda required in-depth discussion, explaining the unusually large Russian delegation. Additionally, the strong personal rapport between the leaders played a significant role. Thus, everything aligned perfectly, making the extended visit both necessary and practical," Peskov explained.


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