A fraudster trying to extort money from an employee of the “Protection” department was caught in Tashkent



In Tashkent, an individual attempting to extort money was apprehended after contacting an employee of the specialized battalion under the "Protection" General Directorate, responsible for protecting foreign diplomatic missions, as reported by the National Guard's press service.

On April 4th of the current year, at 16:15, an unidentified individual dialed the separate battalion's phone line responsible for safeguarding foreign diplomatic missions under the General Directorate of "Protection." The caller, a woman posing as a doctor, contacted the on-duty officer.

The woman informed, "Your daughter has been injured in a traffic accident and requires immediate surgery. You must procure $20,000."

Recognizing the fraudulent nature of the call, the Guard service personnel agreed to a meeting and offered money under the guise of assisting his supposedly injured daughter, with the intention to apprehend the scammer. The woman arranged a meeting near the Pakistan embassy but delegated the money collection task to an associate named "Ruslan."

Twenty minutes later, "Ruslan" contacted the security post's official number, claiming the father of the injured girl was waiting. Subsequently, the scammer was apprehended by staff at the designated meeting point and handed over to the Internal Affairs Department of Yakkasaroy district. Identity verification revealed the culprit as Samandar, a 23-year-old resident of Chilonzor district.

Presently, investigations are underway by the Tashkent HDIA. It's reported that the ongoing probe aims to identify any accomplices and delve into his potential involvement in other analogous offenses.

It's worth recalling that previously, Nilufar Isokhonova, the head of HDIA's information service, highlighted the escalating instances of this form of fraud victimizing Tashkent residents and issued a cautionary advisory.


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