The procedure for the introduction of distance learning in higher education institutions has been determined



The procedure for organizing the training of personnel at a bachelor's and master's levels through distance education in state higher education institutions in Uzbekistan has been established.  The regulation "On measures to introduce the form of distance education in higher education institutions" containing the relevant procedures was approved by the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers yesterday 3 October, No. 559.

For this, the educational organization must have the following:

• "Learning Management System" platform for remote education management;

• information and communication infrastructure for internet connection and use;

• educational content intended for the academic year;

• electronic educational-methodical complexes of sciences and electronic database of scientific and educational literature;

• a separate building or auditoriums equipped with computer equipment;

• engineers and technicians who ensure the operation of technical and software components;

• a server device belonging to an educational organization located in the territory of the country;

• the official web page where all information about the educational organization is posted.

Bachelor's degree courses and master's majors, where distance education cannot be introduced, are announced annually by 1 April.

In the training of personnel based on distance education, there should not be more than 300 students for one bachelor's education, and 30 students for one master's specialty.

In this:

• this requirement does not apply to the directions of information and communication technologies;

• students who are citizens of a foreign country are not taken into account when determining the number of students.

A student enrolled in distance education must come to a higher education institution in the following cases:

• before the start of the training process - to register on the LMS platform;

• at the end of each semester - to pass the final examination.

Also, the final state attestation, graduation qualification, and master's thesis defense are traditionally carried out directly at the higher education institution, they are not allowed to be accepted in a synchronous or asynchronous mode.

The form of distance education is implemented based on a payment contract.



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