Suddenly, Nexia and Spark collided, igniting into flames



On March 26, in the Uychi district of the Namangan region, a collision between a Nexia and a Spark resulted in both vehicles being completely engulfed in flames. This information was relayed by the Regional Traffic Safety Department.

The incident occurred at 16:00 yesterday at the intersection of the 28th kilometer of the Namangan-Uychi-Uchqorgon road.

The driver of the Spark vehicle neglected traffic safety measures, veering onto the opposite side of the road and crashing into the oncoming Nexia.

Consequently, a fire erupted in both vehicles, causing extensive damage.

Fortunately, there were no fatalities in the accident. The driver of the Spark sustained a knee injury, while the Nexia driver suffered injuries to the left leg. Two passengers were hospitalized due to injuries sustained in the collision.

According to the report, both drivers sustained injuries to their left legs, while two passengers required hospitalization. Fortunately, there were no fatalities resulting from the incident.


YTH yong'in Namangan

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