Lukashenko suggests that cyber weapons are more dangerous than nuclear weapons



Cyber weapons are more dangerous for humankind than nuclear weapons. This was stated by Alexander Lukashenko, a citizen of Belarus.

«The danger in the future is not only connected with nuclear weapons, but with something even more dangerous », Lukashenko said. These are biological and cyber weapons. «These are much more dangerous, »-Lukashenko reaffirmed.

According to him, humankind has not yet realized the threat, particularly in relation to cyber weapons.

«We all tremble hearing of nuclear weapons, but cyber weapons are even more terrible, » Lukashenko said.

Mr. Lukashenko explains that such weapons are difficult to detect and that citizens are not yet ready to fear cyber-crime and cyber weapons.

For reference, in the first few days of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the international hacker network Anonymous launched a cyberattack on Russia.


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