Many teachers have looked a gift horse in the mouth - Tashkulov (video)



If teachers do not study, they will be dismissed. If a teacher can teach in a foreign language, now a 100% bonus is added to the salary.  This was stated by Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education Abdukadyr Tashkulov in an interview with QALAMPIR.UZ.

A journalist of QALAMPIR.UZ Feruza Najmiddinova addressed the Minister of Higher and Secondary Special Education and asked: “If an undergraduate student is admitted to a master’s degree based on a relevant national or international certificate score on a language proficiency level, would that not lead to stratification with higher education teachers? Will teachers also be trained?”

“Of course, we will also expand requirements for them.  If teachers will study themselves, why should they be trained?  If they do not study, they will lose their job.  It is competition.  Will teachers be able to keep up with the competition in the future even through obtaining a teacher’s degree and enrolling into a master’s program with IELTS?  That is why they must make self-progress.  There is another possibility beyond coercion.  If a teacher can teach in a foreign language, now a 100% [bonus] is added to the salary.  This is an opportunity”, - Tashkulov said.

The Minister also criticized the fact that many teachers had not taken advantage of the facilities created, and stressed that parents entrusted their children to teachers, so teachers should be forced to do so.

“Many opportunities have been created. Many teachers looked a gift horse in the mouth, they did not take advantage of these opportunities.  Now coercion is applied. It is education.  According to the words of our president, people entrust us their children, their most unique and rare wealth, so that not only their children’s knowledge, but also their behavior, morals, and way of thinking can change and they can find their position in society”, - the minister says.

It should be recalled that in the 2022-2023 academic year, a certificate of knowledge of a foreign language will be required to enter the master’s program.  No examinations will be held in the specialty subjects, only average scores will be paid attention to on the diploma.  If the quota is fulfilled, the next phase of exams will be adopted in winter.


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