The number of victims who died in the clashes in Karakalpakstan is announced

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During the riots in Karakalpakstan, 18 people died.  This was reported by a representative of the General Prosecutor’s Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

“According to the cases identified to date, a total of 243 people, including 38 law enforcement officers, sustained a bodily injury of varying degrees as a result of the mass disturbances.  As a result of some severe injuries, 18 citizens passed away,"- the representative of the General Prosecutor’s Office said.

For reference, as a result of the riots in Karakalpakstan on 1 and 2 July, 243 citizens with various injuries were reportedly admitted to hospital.  Of these, 149 were given first aid and were allowed to continue treatment at home.

At present, 94 patients are being treated in hospitals, some of them in critical condition.  Among the victims were several law enforcement officers. Tahririyati Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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