Wanted citizens of Uzbekistan and Ukraine were captured in Azerbaijan



People who were wanted interstate for committing fraudulent crimes in Uzbekistan were arrested in Azerbaijan. This was reported by the General Prosecutor's Office of Azerbaijan.

According to reports, based on the request of the General Prosecutor's Office of the Republic of Uzbekistan, Arsen Vasilevich Kaldarar, a citizen of Ukraine born in 1992, and Abdurahmon Abduvaliyevich Qayumov, a citizen of Uzbekistan born in 1980, were arrested in Azerbaijan in February of this year, and a precautionary measure of detention was chosen against them.

"According to the Convention on Legal Aid and Legal Relations in Civil, Family, and Criminal Matters of October 7, 2002, decisions were made to extradite the accused, and they were handed over to the competent authorities of Uzbekistan accompanied by a special convoy of the Ministry of Justice's Penitentiary Service," the message reads.

It's worth noting that earlier two wanted citizens of Uzbekistan were captured in Azerbaijan.


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