22 officials were dismissed in Kashkadarya



At a meeting on May 13, the governor of Kashkadarya region, Murodjon Azimov, terminated the employment of 22 officials. This information was released by the regional government's press service.

During the meeting, several key topics were critically analyzed, including the application of practices from Saykhunobod, Uychi, and Zarbdor, job creation, encouraging business involvement, decreasing state intervention in the economy, expanding the private sector through privatization, fostering entrepreneurship, reducing problematic loans, organizing the mobilization call reserve service for this season, and evaluating the Chamber of Accounts' reports on the legality of state procurements in the region.

The 22 officials were dismissed for failing to address these critical issues. Additionally, a proposal will be submitted to the Republic's leadership for the dismissal of 29 more individuals.

Moreover, 41 officials faced further disciplinary actions, with 27 of them deemed unsatisfactory. They were warned that unless they showed significant improvement by the end of the next quarter, more severe measures would be taken against them.


Qashqadaryo Sayxunobod

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