Tax officials were caught for accepting bribes in Kashkadarya, Bukhara, and Tashkent



Illegal activities by tax officials in Kashkadarya, Bukhara, and Tashkent were halted, according to the State Security Service.

During a rapid operation by the Kashkadarya Department of Tax Administration, the chief inspector of the mobile tax inspection branch in the Karshi District was apprehended with evidence while accepting $2,300 in exchange for postponing camera tax inspections until September.

It was found that this amount was intended for the chief inspector of the chamber tax audits department in the regional tax office. He was also caught receiving $2,300.

In Bukhara's Gijduvon District, a senior tax inspector was caught accepting 8 million soums to prevent an individual entrepreneur from being reclassified to a fixed taxpayer status, which would have required a monthly payment of 2,424,000 soums. This inspector was apprehended by the State Security Service and the General Prosecutor's Office.

In Tashkent's Yakkasaroy district, the chief inspector was caught accepting $600 to avoid conducting tax audits for six months. During the investigation, it was revealed that the head of the district tax inspectorate was also involved and was subsequently arrested.

In the Yuqori Chirchiq district of Tashkent region, an audit revealed that the head of the camera control branch accepted $5,000 to reduce VAT and net profit tax amounts totaling 267,300,000 soums and 664,700,000 soums, respectively.

Criminal cases have been initiated against these individuals, and investigations are ongoing.


Toshkent Buxoro Qashqadaryo

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