The former governor of Karshi was imprisoned.  He is accused of causing billions of losses to the state



Earlier, we reported that the arrest request filed by the regional prosecutor's office against the former mayor of Karshi city, Jamshid Fazilov, who is suspected of causing more than 60 billion soms of damage to the state's interests, was rejected, and the precautionary measure of house arrest was given.

The press secretary of the Supreme Court explained the preventive measure applied to J. Fozilo, which caused a wide range of discussions on social networks.

Muqaddam worked as the mayor of Karshi city, at the same time, by the investigative body, Article 205, Part 2, Clause "a", Article 209, Part 2, Clause "a", Article 206, Part 2, Clause "a" and 229-4 of the Criminal Code.  According to the ruling of the Karshi city court on criminal cases on 20 October this year, a house arrest measure was applied to Jamshid Fazilov, who is accused of committing the crimes provided for in clause "a", part 2 of the article.

It is noted that following the decision of the appellate instance of the Kashkadarya regional court on criminal cases on October 22 of this year, the decision of the Karshi city court on criminal cases on 20 October 2022, was cancelled.  Accordingly, the request of the deputy prosecutor of Kashkadarya region to apply preventive measures in the form of imprisonment against Jamshid Fazilov was satisfied.  Jamshid Fazilov was immediately taken into custody from the courtroom.

As the decision is final, it is not possible to file a complaint or protest against it.


Jamshid Fozilov

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