It is snowing heavily in the “Kamchik” Davan

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Yesterday, on the evening of 15 November, it snowed in the "Kamchik" Davan, and heavy precipitation continues.  The Ministry of State Road Safety and Emergency Situations has already started clearing the roads from snow.

It is noted that the section of highway A-373 "M-39 a/y Gulistan-Bo'ka-Angren-Kokand-Andijan-Osh" passing through the Kamchik pass is still between 188-253 km of snow.

"Kamchikavtoyol" Internal Road Use Unitary Enterprise sprinkles sand-salt mixture on the roads around the clock to prevent the road surface from being slippery.  Also, to ensure uninterrupted two-way movement of vehicles when it is snowing, or when they are clearing the snow.

"Vehicles are moving safely both ways.  Snow and occasional fog are observed.  Visibility on the roads is 300 meters, air temperature is -4 degrees, and humidity is 66 percent.  Wind speed is 2-11 m/s.  We recommend that drivers who travel along the "Kamchik" Davan follow all safety measures," the State Road Traffic Safety Service said. Tahririyati Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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