Citizens of Uzbekistan in Israel are advised not to go to the embassy



Citizens of Uzbekistan in Israel are asked not to go to the embassy. The Embassy of Uzbekistan in Israel has issued a statement advising its citizens not to visit the temporary representative office due to the current complex situation in the country. The embassy is recommending that individuals take personal safety measures and avoid leaving shelters during rocket fire. 

The official message reads, "Taking into account the challenging situation in the country at the moment, we recommend taking personal safety measures and not leaving shelters during rocket fire."

Furthermore, the Embassy has urged Uzbek citizens in Israel to refrain from going to the streets and other entertainment venues unless necessary. 

The message states, "We kindly request that you temporarily refrain from visiting the embassy for consular services. Please prioritize your safety and well-being." 

It is worth noting that the Embassy of Uzbekistan in Israel had previously requested the registration of citizens who had not undergone consular registration.


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