The counterfeiting of some exhibits in the museum-reserve «Ichan-Kala» are discovered

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In the State Museum-Reserve «Ichan-Kala» more than 100 counterfeit items were revealed.  This is reported by the Agency of Cultural Heritage.

It was reported that the Inspectorate of the Protection of Cultural Heritage under the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Cultural Heritage Agency conducted research in the State Museum-Reserve «Ichan-Kala».

During the course of the inspection, items included in the list of unique exhibits were registered. According to the inspection, a total of 101 museum items were found to be inconsistent with the description of the registry book by size, material, method of processing and time of their creation.

Relevant documents on the results of the study have been submitted to law enforcement agencies for legal assessment by the Inspectorate of the Protection of Cultural Heritage.



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