“We don’t close brothels because they benefit us.” What did the lawyer actually say? (video)



Lawyer Amrullo Akhmedov’s opinion about brothels on the TV show «Minbar» (pulpit) on the «Makhalla» TV channel devoted to drug trafficking is being widely disseminated on social networks.  The video, which is being distributed through social networks, shows the lawyer saying that the brothels are needed.

” Why do we open nightclubs? Why don't we control them? By an analogy of law, do we have brothels now? Why don't we close them?  There is the possibility of closing them.  If one operation is announced, they could all be closed.  However, we don't close them because they benefit us, but what benefits? We can identify some perpetrators there. In these places, drugs may be spread through sex workers.  A phone call is held between a man who visits a brothel and a sex worker and as a result, the sex worker will provide a free service in exchange for drugs.  Some of the opinions expressed by the lawyer were distributed.

So, did the lawyer really say that brothels are needed? Of course not. In order to understand this, the opinions should be considered carefully. The lawyer said during his remarks above:

"... perpetrator brings drugs from somewhere and is caught red-handed when he approached a sex worker.

Why do we allow this? Are we creating a tendency for a student, or someone’s son, to provide drugs? "I can’t find drugs," he says. «I’ll tell you about a Telegram-bot (telegram feature).  Bring it from here».  Messages are sent through Instagram giving information on where to get drugs. How do we understand this when the supplier finally becomes a special applicant to the department of internal affairs? »

Lawyer Amrullo Ahmedov himself commented that his opinion was taken out of context and disseminated.

“Dear Compatriots! The separate context of the video taken from the TV show “Minbar” of “Makhalla” TV yesterday was edited to attract public attention and shred my reputation by omitting other supposed comments.

Personally, I do not know who or what organization is interested in this situation.  But my point which states that promoting narcotics business through sex workers, is leading the youth into criminal activity is the wrong way, and it must be stopped, was cut from the context.

The reason I say “we” in this speech is because we are all responsible for this scarcity.

«I personally have not criticized any system, but said that we should put an end to the propaganda of drug trafficking and other crimes through sex work and, thus, eliminate the old method », – the lawyer said.


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