The ranking of the world's strongest armies has been announced. Where is Uzbekistan?




The Global Firepower website has been tracking the militaries of 145 countries for 19 years. To answer the question "Which army is the strongest in the world?" the experts of the site study more than 60 criteria, from the financial support of the armed forces to logistics and geographical features.

Yesterday, January 10, the list of the strongest armies in 2024 was released. According to it, the USA, Russia, and China, which occupied the top three in last year's rating, remained in their positions this year. The fourth place was taken by India, which has "problems" with China and Pakistan.

The top eight is occupied by South Korea, the old rival of the DPRK, as well as Great Britain, Japan, and Turkey, which is the leader among the Turkic countries. Pakistan and Italy followed these countries in the ranking.

Conflict-ridden Iran is ranked 11th, Israel 17th, Ukraine 18th, Taiwan 24th, and North Korea 36th.

In Central Asia, Kazakhstan (58) is the leader, and the neighboring country rose 5 places in the ranking in one year. Uzbekistan moved from last year's 62nd place to 65th place. In this list, the military potential of other countries in Central Asia - Turkmenistan (83), Kyrgyzstan (100), Tajikistan (107), and Afghanistan (115) is mentioned.

We remind you that on January 2 of this year, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev issued an order to strengthen the defense.


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