“They poisoned our child in kindergarten.” Have more than 100 cases been detected in Tashkent?



Today, on September 23, numerous children were poisoned and taken to hospitals in Tashkent. A video, reportedly filmed in one of the hospitals in the Sergeli district, has been circulating on social media. It is alleged that the number of children affected by this drug poisoning is still rising. The father who recorded the video stated that his child has been ill for three days and was poisoned by medication

"They poisoned our child in kindergarten," he exclaimed.

According to information provided by a correspondent from QALAMPIR.UZ, who reached the Scientific Center of Emergency Medical Care of the Republic, more than 100 parents have gathered around the hospital. Hulkar Murtazoyeva, currently at the scientific center, conducted interviews with the parents. They claim that these symptoms in children began after they consumed iodine-based medicine at school.

The situation at the "16th City Hospital" is distressing. There is no available space for children displaying poisoning symptoms, and parents are being denied entry.

We would like to remind you that on September 21, 71 children in the Namangan region showed symptoms of poisoning and were admitted to the hospital. Yesterday, on September 22, poisoning was detected in 12 children in the Andijan region.


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