The price of sugar fell on the stock exchange

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The average daily price suggested for all categories of sugar, decreased from 10,101.3 som to 8,735.8 som per ton or 14% compared to the previous trading day due to the fact that the volume of sugar that was put up for public exchange trading on the Uzbek Commodity Exchange has been increased by almost 50% by sugar retailer enterprises.  This was reported by the stock exchange press service.  

Over the last two trading days, the price of sugar has fallen by almost 30%. The decline in the price of sugar on the stock exchange was due to the use of market instruments, including an increase in the level of supply in the sugar market.

In particular, on 24 March, a total of 3,200 tons of sugar were put on sale, of which 2,874 tons, or 90%, were sold. At the same time, 1600 tons of sugar by LLC «Xorazm Shakar» and further 1274 tons of it by LLC «Angren Shakar» have been sold.

For reference, yesterday, on 23 March, the president of Uzbekistan Shavkat Mirziyoyev instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to ensure price stability in the domestic market and to meet the needs of the population by assisting entrepreneurs importing wheat, vegetable oil, sugar, and other food products.
Yulduz Abdurashidova
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