Officials embezzling 950 million soums in Bekobod were apprehended 



The State Security Service reported that a criminal case has been initiated against the head and chief accountant of the Department of Poverty Alleviation and Employment Assistance in Bekobod District, Tashkent Region.

Following joint operational activities between the State Security Service for Tashkent region and the Department of Combating Economic Crimes under the General Prosecutor's Office, a violation of the law was uncovered in Bekobod district.

The head of the District Poverty Alleviation and Employment Support Department, along with the Chief Accountant, collaborated with the leaders of three LLCs specializing in tailoring, falsifying official documents regarding the delivery of household equipment to 116 citizens in Bekobod District between October and December 2023, resulting in the embezzlement of 950,570,000 soums.

A criminal case has been initiated against these individuals under relevant articles of the Criminal Code.

Previously, in Mirzaobod district of Syrdarya province, officials were found to have purchased equipment at inflated prices, while in Tashkent, collusion between officials led to economic damage to state interests through the misappropriation of spare parts and fuel products from bus sheds.


Toshkent Bekobod

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