Mirziyoyev Announces Real Competition in Uzbekistan's Automotive Industry



Four prestigious foreign companies are set to launch projects in Uzbekistan, ushering in real competition in the automotive industry and driving the production volume to reach 1 million units per year.  Shavkat Mirziyoyev, the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan's candidate for the presidency of the Republic of Uzbekistan, highlighted these developments in his pre-election program.

According to the program, the industry's value added will be increased from $20 billion to $45 billion, with a target of producing 300,000 electric cars annually.

To support the production of high-value, exportable products, the establishment of the Industrial Development Fund is planned, with an allocated budget of $1 billion.

Additional plans for the coming years include:

•    The establishment of special export zones with 50 renowned foreign brands.
•    Full implementation of the industrial mortgage system to provide entrepreneurs with ready-made business facilities.
•    The establishment of two new industrial zones in each district, creating at least a thousand jobs.
•    A target of $5 billion in IT services exports.
The program also outlines plans in the field of road transport, which include:
•    A fourfold increase in the number of flights.
•    Construction of additional high-speed railways on the Tashkent-Samarkand and Navoi-Bukhara routes.
•    Involvement of the private sector in the railway industry, with service quality determined by competitive pricing.
•    Modernization of six major airports, resulting in an increase in the number of private airlines to 10.
•    Construction of a total of 5,500 kilometers of cement-concrete roads, connecting district centers to every village, with comprehensive coverage of public transport.
•    Construction of new highways through private partnerships on the Tashkent-Samarkand and Tashkent-Fergana Valley routes, facilitating improved transportation.

These ambitious plans aim to drive economic growth and enhance transportation infrastructure in Uzbekistan.


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