Some tax rates are set to rise starting April



Starting April 1, 2024, there will be increases in tax rates for various products, elimination of "zero" VAT benefits, and the introduction of tolls for trucks over 10 tons, as outlined in the 2024 tax amendment document.

Fuel prices will see adjustments, with excise tax rates for AI-80 gasoline, diesel, and liquefied gas rising to 12%. For instance:

- AI-80 gasoline will be taxed at 340,000 soums per ton (currently 303,000 soums).
- Diesel will be taxed at 326,000 soums per ton (currently 291,000 soums).
- Liquefied gas will be taxed at 904,000 soums per ton (currently 807,000 soums).
- Jet kerosene (excluding synthetic) will be taxed at 271,000 soums per ton (currently 242,000 soums).
- ECO diesel fuel (excluding synthetic) will cost 293,000 soums per ton (currently 262,000 soums).
Rates for AI-91 and higher gasoline brands will remain unchanged at 303,000 soums per ton.

Regarding food products, there will be an introduction of excise taxes: 500 soums per liter for carbonated drinks with sugar or other sweeteners, and 2000 soums per liter for energy and tonic drinks.

Trucks weighing over 10 tons will face toll charges ranging from 5 to 10 times the base calculation amount, varying from 1.7 million soums to 3.4 million soums.

VAT adjustments include the elimination of the "zero" VAT rate for water supply, sewage, sanitation, and heating services, with a new 12 percent VAT applying to these services. Additionally, foreign individuals offering services in Uzbekistan will now be subject to VAT, expanding from solely foreign legal entities being taxed previously.



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