Two individuals perished in a three-car collision in Andijan



In the Khojaobod district of Andijan region, two fatalities occurred due to a traffic accident, as reported by the Regional Traffic Safety Department.

On April 4th, at 3:30 p.m., G.A. (born in 2002) lost his life on the highway within the premises of the "27th Anniversary of Independence '' neighborhood in Khojaobod district. He was driving a Cobalt, and while violating the overtaking rule, collided with A.B.'s Damas approaching from the opposite direction.

N.H. (born in 1990), the driver of the Damas, lost control following the collision and crashed into the Moskvich-412 he was driving in the same direction.

The collision resulted in severe injuries: A.G., the Cobalt driver, suffered a "Closed fracture of the skull, crushing of the chest", A.B., the Damas driver, sustained a "Closed fracture of the skull and right shoulder and vertebral bones", and A.O., a passenger in the Damas, was diagnosed with a "closed fracture of the tibia of the left leg." Despite medical interventions, both G.A. and A.B. succumbed to their injuries.

The Investigative Department of the Internal Affairs Department in Khojaobod district is conducting an investigation into the incident.

It's worth noting that another accident involving 15 cars occurred on April 4th in the Yashnobod district of Tashkent city.


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