Alisher Qodirov proposed to send all boys who did not enter University to one-year military service



Alisher Qodirov has proposed implementing one-year mandatory military service for boys who haven't enrolled in University after completing their education. He, as the deputy speaker of the Legislative Chamber of the Oliy Majlis and the leader of the "Milliy tiklanish" faction of the democratic party, made this suggestion on his social media page.

According to Qodirov, boys who haven't pursued further education after finishing school should undergo a one-year compulsory military service without remuneration. He argues that instilling discipline and responsibility through education and military service is crucial, as failing to do so may lead to problems later on, such as incarceration.

Qodirov believes that the West acknowledges the concept of a lost generation resulting from the erosion of family and educational values. Emphasizing the importance of decisive actions in education, he asserts that nurturing responsible citizens is vital for Uzbekistan's development.

Asserting the significance of education for national security, Qodirov states that the future of Uzbekistan lies in educated youth who understand their worth and possess critical thinking skills. He advocates for safeguarding kindergartens and schools, viewing them as crucial assets that require protection from the entire society, not just the National Guard.

Regarding school attendance, Qodirov mentioned that 124,000 students were absent without justification, leading to fines for 3,000 parents under Article 47 of the Administrative Responsibility Code.


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