Uzbek military members set record in the United States

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Junior Sergeants Abdurasul Tuygunov and Abdumalik Abdurakhmanov of the Ministry of Defense of Uzbekistan took part in the competition «The Best Warrior-2022», which was held from 17-24 March of the current year at the military training base of Camp Shelby, Mississippi, USA. This is reported by the Ministry of Defense press service.  

It was noted that the Uzbek military servicemen were in competition with members of the Special Forces of the US National Guard.

During the competition, servicemen took part in physical training tests (A fitness test, comprising of 6 exercises), overcoming both physical and mental challenges, target practice at night at a distance of 15 kilometers.  Marching 20 kilometers whilst carrying a 15-kilogram load, general and combat training tests, writing essays on military interaction (no less than 500 words), controlling artillery fire, dismantling American-style firearms to defective parts, collection and successfully fulfilling conditions, such as combat readiness, as well as firing weapons in various ways and conditions and sudden (surprise) exercises.  

During the competition, the military servicemen successfully passed the tests, including more than 20 conditions in 10 directions, and set a record 3 times.
The Uzbek military successfully participated in competitions in 2019 and 2021.
Diyora Abdurahmonova
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