The Updated Constitution Increases the Absolute Powers of the Legislative Chamber and the Senate



The updated Constitution has brought several political reforms, which require essential adaptations in the functioning of the parliament.  In his speech dedicated to the results of the referendum, President Shavkat Mirziyoyev announced that the absolute powers of the Legislative Chamber have been increased from 5-12, and those of the Senate from 14-18.

Moreover, the powers of the chambers have been clarified, with the Legislative Chamber responsible for forming the government and exercising parliamentary control over its activities.  On the other hand, the Senate's activities should focus on solving issues related to territories, providing all-round assistance to local councils, and ensuring the implementation of laws in the localities, especially in neighborhoods.

President Mirziyoyev emphasized the need for senators to interact more with people, listen to their problems, and find concrete solutions with ministers and governors.

This, he said, would only benefit their collective work.

The President also acknowledged the role of the media and journalists in bringing the voice and opinion of the people to the attention of state agencies and the general public.  To maintain a consistent policy of openness in society, the freedom of media activities and the rights to receive, use and distribute information are guaranteed strictly. 

However, he also emphasized that freedom of speech comes with responsibility, and honesty and impartiality must be the main criteria in the information space.  
In addition, the President highlighted the importance of developing civil society institutions by increasing the role of non-governmental organizations and guaranteeing their rights. 

Overall, the updated Constitution marks a significant step towards political reform in Uzbekistan, with a renewed emphasis on democratic values, transparency, and accountability.  



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