Gold and foreign exchange reserves of Uzbekistan have increased by almost $1 billion



As of 1 March, Uzbekistan’s gold and foreign exchange reserves amounted to 35 billion 360 million dollars. Over the past month, the country’s international reserves have increased by $935.3 million. The Central Bank of Uzbekistan reported this.

Uzbekistan’s reserve assets in foreign currency (in convertible foreign currency) have increased by 983.2 million dollars within the last month to 13.528 billion dollars.
In a month, Uzbekistan’s gold reserves fell by $50.4 million to $20.724 billion. Net gold reserves of the country declined from 11.6 million troy ounces in February to 10.9 million troy ounces.

According to the Central Bank, Uzbekistan’s net international reserves have overgrown by $221.4 million, or 0.6% since the beginning of 2022. The impact of the rise in gold prices from $1,799.25 at the beginning of the year to $1,903.3 was $1.1 billion.


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