Individuals who imported narcotics from neighboring countries were arrested in Uzbekistan



Drugs smuggled from neighboring countries were intercepted in several regions of Uzbekistan. This was reported by the State Security Service.

During a swift operation conducted in the Nurabad district in collaboration with the departments of Navoi and Samarkand regions of the State Security Service, a person born in 2003, residing in the Urgut district, conspired with his criminal partner and imported 2 kg and 875 grams of opium from Tajikistan. He was apprehended while attempting to sell the opium for 40,500 US dollars.

Furthermore, when a Cobalt car traveling on the "Samarkand-Tashkent" route was stopped and inspected in the territory of the Jomboy district, two individuals born in 1993 and 1996, residing in Urgut district, who were passengers in the car, were found in possession of 1 kg and 616 grams of an "opium" substance.

Additionally, during a swift action conducted by the State Security Service for the Fergana region in collaboration with internal affairs bodies, a Nexia car traveling on the "Tashkent-Fergana" route was stopped at the YPX station in the Pop district of Namangan region.

During the parking process, an individual born in 1987 in Baghdad district, who was a passenger in the vehicle, threw a package from the car window. Upon inspection by impartial individuals, it was found to contain 1 kg and 915 grams of "hashish" substance.

It was discovered that this citizen was transporting the narcotic substance left by Tajik drug couriers to a concealed location in the Boka district of Tashkent region. He purchased the drug for 8,000 US dollars.

Another individual born in 1990, previously convicted of a crime related to the sale of narcotic drugs, was apprehended while selling hashish for 7,000 US dollars.

Further investigation revealed that the true owner of the narcotic substance, smuggled from Kyrgyzstan, is a citizen born in 2000, residing in the Fergana district, who was subsequently arrested.

Criminal cases have been initiated against all these individuals under the relevant articles of the Criminal Code, and preventive measures of imprisonment have been applied.

We remind you that earlier in Khorezm, approximately 10 kg of "opium" narcotic substance were found in cement bags.


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