Uzbekistan strongly condemned Israel's attack on the Iranian consulate



Uzbekistan vehemently condemned the Israeli airstrike targeting the Iranian consulate building in Damascus, Syria's capital. Ahror Burhanov, the press secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, issued a statement expressing this stance.

"The air assault on the Iranian consulate, resulting in fatalities and substantial damage to the diplomatic premises in Damascus, is strongly condemned," emphasized the Ministry of Foreign Affairs spokesperson.

The representative affirmed Uzbekistan's view that attacks on diplomatic and other foreign representative offices are entirely unacceptable, constituting a flagrant violation of international diplomatic law's principles and foundations.

Notably, earlier statements from Iran's ambassador to Damascus, Hossein Akbari, indicated Iran's intention to retaliate swiftly, directly, and decisively against Israel. He reported six missile strikes on the Iranian consulate building carried out by F-35 fighter jets.

The Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps confirmed the deaths of two generals in the attack: Brigadier General Muhammad Reza Zahidi and Brigadier General Muhammad Hadi Haj Rahimi. Additionally, five personnel from the organization, namely Husayn Emanullahi, Mehdi Jaloleti, Mohsin Sadokat, Ali Agha Babai, and Ali Salihi Ruzbekkhani, were among the casualties. Furthermore, the airstrike claimed the lives of three Syrians and one Lebanese individual.


Suriya O'zbekiston Eron Isroil Damashq

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