Actor and director Abror Bakirov passes away 

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Actor and director Abror Bakirov has passed away.  This was reported by the press service of the Cinematography Agency. 

It is noted that Abror Bakirov, a representative of the Bakirov dynasty, which has its place in Uzbek cinema and theater, died at the age of 58. 

For information, Abror Bakirov was born on 26 April 1965, in the Fergana region.  He took part in such films as”Ayfun girdobi”  (Opium Whirlpool),"Qandahorda toblanganlar”(Caught in Kandahar),, "Bir qadam oʻngga bir qadam chapga”(One Step Right, One Step Left), "Oltin devor”(Golden Wall), and "Ivanov and Rabinovich". 



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