How many children do Uzbek women want to have?



A survey was conducted among women in Uzbekistan about how many children they want to have in their families.  This survey was conducted by the "Family and Women" scientific research institute.

It is noted that surveys were conducted from 8 August to 15 September this year in all regions, 15 cities, 33 districts, and 204 neighborhoods.

According to the conducted research, 47.3% of women in Uzbekistan planned to have 4 children, and 38.6% planned to have 3 children.

Also, every seventh woman (15.3 percent) believed that 2 children are enough for one family. This response was observed more in women with higher education.

As it turned out, 64.4% of women have sufficient information about pregnancy prevention, 13.1% are partially informed, and 22.5% have no information at all.

In addition, it was determined that every tenth case (9.3 percent) of unwanted pregnancies occurred due to the lack of contraceptives.


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