Sleepy senators or laws made while sleeping - 2 (video report)


Some ladies and gentlemen who had not seen each other for a long time, met with each other on the pretext of the twenty-ninth plenary session of the Senate.  The Minister of Preschool Education, Agrippina Shin, warmly welcomed the Governor of Navoi region (oblast) Kabul Tursunov.  Outside this door, Chairman of the Senate Tanzila Norboyeva is discussing something with his first deputy Sodik Safoyev.

The video can be viewed on the video player above, or on the channel QALAMPIR.UZ on YouTube.

Today, Kodirkhonova’s (Malika Kodirkhonova - Chairman of the committee on Women and Gender Equality under the Senate of Uzbekistan) committee will put the law “On the introduction of amendments to the Family Code” into discussion.

What is the Minister of Health doing at a meeting of the Senate?  Is everything Ok?  Well, we will find out later.

Mrs Tanzila’s assistant also appeared.  Perhaps, after a while, “sister” herself will come.  Here they come.

Today there are a lot of problems on the list.  Our people have a saying “Money is made from the liver”. Remembering this phrase, the 29th plenary session of the Senate also began by considering the law “On State Debt”.

So, how much is Uzbekistan's debt today?  Do not be taken in by the words of the Minister of Finance Odilbek Isakov.

By law, the maximum amount of state debt in relation to the gross domestic product should not exceed 60 percent.

The law was unanimously approved by the senators.

If you think Chairman Norboyeva and her deputy Safoyev (Sodik Safoyev - first deputy chairperson of the Senate of Uzbekistan's Parliament) are just talking, you’re wrong.  They are discussing global issues. However, in the corner of the hall, the assistant of Mrs Tanzila does not know when to bring water to “sister” and waits for the moment.  Come on, man, don’t be shy.

The Senators rejected draft laws including Housing Code, “On amendments to the Family Code”, “On amendments to Article 206 – part 1 of the Code of Administrative Responsibility”, “On amendments and additions to some legislative acts of the Republic of Uzbekistan regarding the digitalization of courts” – total 4 laws.  Journalists are surprised because this hasn’t happened recently.  Rejecting 4 laws in one plenary session - surprising?

Rejecting the law on changes to the Family Code, Senator Dilorom Toshmukhamedova, originally a doctor, suddenly disclosed some information that had been kept secret in Uzbekistan.  According to her, “In 2021 more than 910 thousand children were born, 170 thousand of them - with complications.  This is almost 20 percent.

Therefore, every fifth child is born with complications.  Special attention needs to be paid to these figures.”

We hope that Toshmuhamedova was not reprimanded after this statement.

The TV channels were in a hurry to find out who to interview.  Malika Kodirkhonova agreed to give an interview.  Meanwhile, there were also those who escaped from the hall, taking advantage of the situation in which, everyone stood up and were busy with media representatives.

Is that the sound of snoring?  Who is asleep?  Okay, let them sleep, if meetings in the Senate make them sleepy, is it their fault?  Don’t be shy, you are neither the first nor the last in this race for sleep.

Today’s star is probably Akmal Burkhanov (Akmal Burkhanov - Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency) He will give a speech about the most corrupt industries in the country, and his lecture might be very long. In any case, let him speak slower, so as not to frighten those who are asleep.

After hearing that the Ministry of Health revealed more than 56 billion soms of financial mistakes, Musayev (Behzod Musayev - Minister of Health of the Republic of Uzbekistan) burst into flames, (figuratively speaking).  He asked Burkhanov to work cooperatively.

“Sister” couldn’t leave it without attention.

The 29th plenary session of the Senate continued on 5 August.   Po’lat Bobojonov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Republic of Uzbekistan, took part online from the Republic of Karakalpakstan, where the demonstration reached its peak last month, and passed the report to the Senate.

In addition, in connection with the implementation of the “State Program for the Implementation of the Strategy for the Development of New Uzbekistan in the year “Glorification of Human Value and Active Neighborhood” for 2022-2026, by the end of the first half of 2022 the report of the Deputy Prime Minister for the affairs of finance-economy and poverty reduction - Jamshid Kuchkarov was heard.

Many questions were given to Kuchkarov.  Even he appeared tired and bored by the questions.

The second day of the plenary session of the Senate proved to be even more boring than the first day.

It should be noted that QALAMPIR.UZ published a photo report entitled “Sleepy senators or laws made while sleeping” from the 20th plenary session of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis (Parliament) of the Republic of Uzbekistan, held on 21 September 2019.


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