The number of people who perished in work-related accidents in the last three months is revealed

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Between January-March of the current year, 42 workers have lost their lives in work-related accidents.  This was reported by the press secretary under the Ministry of Employment and Labor Relations, Mavjuda Mirzayeva.

It was noted that during these three months 132 industrial accidents were properly investigated in the country, of which 26 cases (19%) were fatal, 97 cases (73%) serious and 9 (6.8%) categorical accidents.

Forty-two workers died as a result of accidents, 104 were seriously injured and 4 were slightly injured.

During the special investigation of the incidents, 115 mandatory orders were issued for 776 identified shortcomings, and administrative fines of 223 million som were imposed on 110 officials for violations of the regulations.

Diyora Abdurahmonova Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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