Additional tasks were assigned to justice departments in districts and cities



District and city justice departments in Uzbekistan have been given new responsibilities. This was outlined in the Presidential Decree "On further increasing the responsibility of justice bodies and institutions within the framework of administrative reforms and forming a compact management system," issued on May 24.

According to the decree, the following tasks have been assigned to the justice departments:

- Organize "Justice Day" events monthly in neighborhoods to address and resolve issues raised by local residents, including providing mobile state services at least twice a month in remote areas.
- Prepare legislative improvement proposals based on legal issues identified through house-to-house visits and "Legal Aid" campaigns.
- Explain the significance of legislative documents to the "Mahalla Seven" in an accessible manner and address residents' legal issues entered into the "Online-Mahalla" platform.
- Offer free primary legal assistance to citizens, particularly those listed in the "Iron Book," "Women's Book," "Youth Book," and "Single Register of Social Protection" information systems.
- Inform young people, women, individuals in need of social protection, and business entities about the benefits, subsidies, grants, and other forms of state support available, as well as how to access them.
- Provide methodological support to district and city units of state bodies, local authorities, and citizens' self-governance bodies to ensure uniform legal practices.





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