Fatalities occurred after a terrible fire in Tashkent



A fire broke out in a 2-story house containing 12 apartments in the Yangihayot district of the capital Tashkent.  As a result, 2 people who were living in this house lost their lives.  This was reported by the Press Service of the Yangihayat District Authority.

It is noted that the incident happened yesterday, 5 December.  At 8:08 p.m., the duty department of the Yangihayot district Internal Affairs Body received a report about a fire in house 25, Yoldosh-6 street, Yangihayot district.

House 25 on Yoldosh-6 street consists of the 2nd floor, 2 corridors, and 12 apartments.  The total area of this house is 300M2.  Due to the fire, 80M2 of it were destroyed. the area was damaged by fire.

Fire safety officers of the Ministry of Emergency Situations arrived at the scene of the incident and extinguished the fire in good time.  9 citizens were evacuated.
It was found that 2 citizens who lived in the 11th apartment of this house died.  

The owners of the apartments damaged by the fire were temporarily placed in a dormitory in the Tashkent index shopping complex.



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