Three members of one family died in Tashkent



Five family members were discovered unconscious in the Uchtepa district of Tashkent, leading to a tragic incident. Hayat Shamsutdinov, the press secretary of the General Prosecutor's Office, conveyed this information to QALAMPIR.UZ.

On January 16 at 17:00, law enforcement received a distressing report about the unconscious state of a family residing on 1-Tong street in the district. Upon inspection by an investigative team, it was determined that a 36-year-old woman named M.N. and her 3-year-old daughter S.S. had succumbed to the situation. Furthermore, a 39-year-old man, Z.A., was urgently transported to the toxicology department of the Republican Emergency Medical Research Center. Despite receiving immediate medical attention, he tragically passed away a day later.

Additionally, a 12-year-old girl, M.S., and an underage girl, F.S., were found unconscious and admitted to the toxicology resuscitation department of the Scientific Center of Emergency Medical Care of the Republic . Various narcotics, medicines, and consumed food products at the residence were collected as physical evidence from the incident scene.

In response to this distressing situation, the Uchtepa District Prosecutor's Office has initiated a criminal case under Article 186, Part 4, Clause "a" of the Criminal Code, and ongoing preliminary investigations are underway.


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