Tashkent has become the most corrupt city

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In 2021, 184 crimes of corruption were committed in Tashkent.  This is 125 more than in 2020. This was stated by the director of the Anti-Corruption Agency Akmal Burkhanov at the meeting of the government of Tashkent city on 14 June.

It was noted that in 2021, as a result of these corruption crimes committed in Tashkent, the State and society suffered material damage amounting to between 82 billion and 638 million soms.

It was also reported that the capital for the last three months (February-April) recorded the highest number of corruption crimes in the country.  In particular, 37 corruption cases were applied to the court in February, 50 in March, and 69 in April.

“During the talks, the results on the misuse of budget funds, public opinion about the prevalence of corruption, and then the implementation of the legislation on transparency were also critically discussed.

The participants stressed the need to further improve the system of combating and preventing corruption in Tashkent, where each agency and department should take a critical approach to its work.

In particular, it was stressed that the regional council should effectively use in its activities such tools like monitoring and controlling, organization of report meetings", - the report of the Anti-Corruption Agency said.

It should be recalled that earlier, the Anti-Corruption Agency reported that the Andijan region became the most corrupt region in the country in the first quarter of 2022.

Qalampir.uz Tahririyati Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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