Timati was accused of «refugee» because he photographed in Tashkent

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After Timati, a famous Russian rapper, published a photo of Tashkent on his page, the Russian public accused him of being a «refugee». Timati denied these allegations.

It should be noted that following the announcement of partial mobilization by Russian President Vladimir Putin on 21 September this year, many citizens began to leave the country.

On 24 September, Timati posted a photo taken in Uzbekistan on his social media page.  In addition, because these photos with Timati appeared on the pages of several Uzbekistanis, fans of the singer, Russian internet users, and media workers jumped to the following conclusions: «Timati fled to Uzbekistan», «Timati was afraid of war», and «Timati refused to serve in the army»

Yesterday 26 September, Timati responded to the above-mentioned accusations through his pages to get rid of public pressure.  At first, he said he was in Moscow and had not yet received a draft letter.

“I am in Moscow, in my house.  I do not want to go anywhere; my place is here.  I have not yet received a summons, but that does not mean that I will not get a summons.  Reports about "closing the sky" and "martial law" do not frighten me.  I have correctly understood this situation and live here.  Now that I have time, I work and develop my projects in the country.  In the current situation, the demand for quality Russian goods will only grow.  We will work on it,” he said.

Timati also touched upon the issue of mobilization and said that he was ready if help was needed.

“As for the topic of mobilization, many people write that they want to see me in the trenches of the battlefields and that I have to prove it if I am a patriot.  I partly agree with these comments. The debt to the country must be repaid sooner or later.  Once again, if you need help in my specialty, I am ready”, - said Timati.
Despite Timati’s words above, one of the users asked him: «Since when did Uzbekistan become your homeland? »  With this open-ended question, the singer answered that the reason for coming to Tashkent was a wedding.

Uzbekistan has always been close to me.  I went there only for one day, for a wedding," he said.

For information, Timati’s real name is Timur Yunusov, he was born on 15 August 1983 in Moscow, Russia.  Tatar nationality.  He was diagnosed as mentally ill due to a large number of tattoos on his body and was unable to pass a medical board for military service.  The singer began his creative career in 1998.  In 2006 he founded the group «Black Star» and left this group in 2020.  He currently works as a solo artist and entrepreneur.  Popular in Uzbekistan with such songs as «Eggplant», «London», «Defiant», «Ponti» and «Keys to Paradise» which are performed by Timati.


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