Breaking news: In Namangan, hospitals are overflowing with children infected with measles



Currently, 235 children are undergoing treatment for measles in the Namangan region, as reported by the Sanitary and Epidemiological Committee.

It is noted that the Namangan region has designated 340 beds for the inpatient treatment of patients suspected of measles. Among these, 240 beds are allocated to the Regional Infectious Diseases Hospital, and 100 beds are assigned to the Beshkapa Children's Hospital of the region.

"Currently, 235 patients are being treated in the 240 beds at the Regional Infectious Disease Hospital, with 5 beds reserved. Beshkapa Children's Hospital is providing treatment to 20 patients over the age of 2 in its 100 beds, and an additional 80 beds are in reserve," reported in the context of the situation.

Presently, the region has a total of 85 reserves in medical facilities. Of the 285 patients, 62% are children under 1 year old, and 25% are children aged 1-3 years. The region assures that there are ample supplies of diagnostics, reagents, and vaccines.

In Namangan, a total of 1,936 children have been vaccinated against measles following epidemiological guidelines. As of now, there is a stock of 310 doses of the measles-rubella vaccine in the vaccination rooms of treatment and prevention institutions.

During January-October of this year, a total of 735 measles cases have been confirmed in the Namangan region.



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