It becomes known how much damage was caused as a result of the illegal decisions by the courts



More than 30 billion soms of damages were caused due to errors and omissions made by the courts in resolving disputes, as well as non-compliance with the requirements of substantive and procedural legal norms.  The General Prosecutor’s Office gave information about this.

It is noted that 109 illegal court decisions were adopted by the courts on determining the ownership of illegal devices.  As a result, buildings and structures worth more than 30 billion soms were registered in the name of other persons, causing a lot of damage to the state.

Most of these cases were found in Tashkent city (65) and region (21).

78 of the illegal court decisions were cancelled due to the prosecutor’s protests and complaints of interested parties.

It is reported that the appeals filed by the interested persons against 18 court decisions are being considered in the courts and the remaining court decisions are being studied.

A total of 7 criminal cases have been initiated in connection with damage to the state and society as a result of illegal decisions of the courts and other violations of the law.


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