The issue of electricity was raised at a meeting of the senate

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Winter is coming.  The cold days have already begun, and in some regions the population is suffering without electricity, and long queues have also formed at gas stations.  This issue was raised at the 35th plenary meeting of the Senate of the Oliy Majlis, which began its work today. The senators complained that the clause on the development of a healthy competitive environment in the energy sector in the 2022 state program was not implemented.

During the discussions, Senator Mahmudjon Parpiyev asked the representatives of the Ministry of Energy to participate in the plenary session of the Senate.

"When we are in the regions, as soon as it gets cold, we witness the lack of energy supply, power outages for hours, and a lack of gas, which causes dissatisfaction among the population.  Queues at gas stations are very long.  We should not turn a blind eye to this, in the past 9 months we have created thousands of jobs, and 90% of the work of business entities in our republic is related to electricity.  If there is not enough energy, there will be obstacles to the activity of entrepreneurs.  What measures are being taken to eliminate these problems?" said the senator.

Answering the question, Deputy Minister of Energy Sherzod Khojayev said that with the participation of ADB and the World Bank, amendments are being made to the laws of Uzbekistan on electricity and natural gas, with the involvement of more than 20 foreign experts and influential consulting companies, and new laws on the energy sector.  

"These are the laws on electric energy of Uzbekistan and the law on natural gas."  In addition, the draft of the President's decree "On the next stages of the reform of the electricity sector" was submitted to the Presidential Administration.  This document also envisages all measures for the formation of a competitive market in the field of electricity and natural gas, setting the stages of transition to this market, free formation of prices, and wider attraction of private investments. Within the framework of the general concept of creating competitive markets, the rules for creating and regulating the energy market are being considered," says Sherzod Khojayev.

In addition, he added that six projects are being implemented to decommission thermal power plants based on old technologies and start new ones.
We remind you that earlier the Deputy Minister of Energy said that no citizen of Uzbekistan should live in a cold or dark house, and the reason for power outages is that people waste a lot of electricity.

Hulkar Murtazoyeva Shaxzod Nusratulloyev
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