Individuals attempting to transport pistols from Russia to Uzbekistan were apprehended



Individuals who unlawfully attempted to bring firearms from the Russian Federation into Uzbekistan and smuggle them through customs were apprehended at the "Dovud-ota" border customs post of the Customs Department in the Republic of Karakalpakstan, as reported by the Customs Department of the Republic of Karakalpakstan.

Upon inspection of a "Lada Largus" vehicle at the border post, the hand luggage and baggage of the occupant were examined. Inside a black bag belonging to the individual, not declared in the customs declaration nor mentioned orally to the customs officer, authorities discovered a 4.5 mm "Stalker" pneumatic pistol, 25 pistol gas cylinders, and 1,482 pneumatic pistol bullets.

In another instance, during customs inspection of a Lacetti vehicle at the "Dovud-ota" border customs post, authorities discovered 1 "Ansar BRT" stun pistol and 36 9mm "RAK" rubber cartridges. The individual was reportedly transporting these weapons from the Russian Federation to Uzbekistan via the Republic of Kazakhstan.

It is important to note that the import of pneumatic weapons into Uzbekistan requires permits issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Transporting any weapon without proper permits through customs borders constitutes grounds for prosecution.

Furthermore, during a previous inspection at the “Yallama” customs post in the Tashkent region, authorities found 350 cartridges concealed within meat in a “Gazel” vehicle.


Rossiya bojxona O'zbekiston to'pponcha

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