The president assigns a task in relation to sugar, wheat and oil prices.  


The President of Uzbekistan, Shavkat Mirziyoyev, instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to meet the needs of the population by ensuring price stability on the domestic market and assisting entrepreneurs importing wheat, vegetable oil, sugar and other foodstuffs. The President said this today, 23 March, at a meeting to discuss measures to ensure economic stability.

During the coronavirus pandemic, our decision to take all sectors out of the crisis paid off. Even in the current situation, we must anticipate the risks. We need to take concrete steps to ensure that world events do not negatively affect the outcome. In particular, it is necessary to create facilities for entrepreneurs and provide them with all possible support», – he said.

According to Shavkat Mirziyoyev, it is necessary to establish daily monitoring of the network and regions and to take urgent measures to prevent possible risks. It is necessary to further simplify the system of revolver lending for businesses to replenish working capital.

It is known that today there are problems with the supply of food in the world, and the prices for them are rising significantly. Therefore, the President gave the Cabinet of Ministers additional instructions to ensure the stability of prices on the domestic market, to meet the needs of the population by assisting entrepreneurs engaged in the import of wheat, vegetable oil, sugar, and other food products. It was also confirmed that the main task of the Government is to reduce inflation and ensure its early return to the targets.

Given the uncertainty of the foreign exchange market, the importance of a cautious approach to ensuring the stability of the domestic currency market and the flexibility of the exchange rate were stressed to the central bank. It was noted that the domestic currency market should be monitored on a daily basis, and entrepreneurs and the public should be informed of the current situation, expected changes and measures to be taken.

The President also addressed the issue of export and instructed the exporting companies to solve the issues of transport and logistics, to expand the practice of partial reimbursement of transport costs.


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