How many students will be enrolled in presidential schools this year?



About 75,000 quotas have been allocated to Presidential educational institutions for the academic year 2022-2023.  Alisher Ubbiyev, chairman of the Admission Commission under the Agency of Presidential Educational Institutions, reported this in an interview with the National News Agency of Uzbekistan (UzA).

“In total, the President’s educational institutions allocated about 75,000 quotas for students in grades 5-11 for the school year 2022-2023.  In particular, each of the Presidential Schools will accept 24 pupils, a total of 336 boys and girls.  There is also a separate quota for special schools. Muhammad al-Khorezmi ICT School will receive 120 students.  The special schools of Abu Ali ibn Sino and Mirzo Ulugbek have been allocated a quota of 40 students», - Alisher Ubbiyev said.

He noted that at the moment the Presidential Schools received about 4,000 applications, the Special Schools - more than 10,000.

"From this year 14 Presidential Schools will accept students only from the 5th grade. Hereinafter, the applications for 5th-grade will be accepted annually.  Examinations will be held in two stages.  For each school, 480 pupils with high scores who completed the first stage will be selected and transferred to the second stage.  After the second stage 24 students will be selected," - said the chairman of the admission commission.

In addition, the nine art schools currently in operation in the country will accommodate only seventh graders.  This year, on an exceptional basis, the new special schools will also accommodate grades 5-11.

"There are also schools that do not have regional borders.  For example, art schools and the three special schools in Tashkent - Abu Ali ibn Sino, Mirzo Ulugbek, and Muhammad al-Khorezmi specialized schools are available for all applicants regardless of regional affiliation.  Muhammad al-Khorezmi ICT school will accept students from the 5th grade, and two other specialized schools will accept students from the 7th grade", - Alisher Ubbiev added.


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