Advertising of breast milk substitute products is prohibited



The advertising of breast milk substitute products will be banned in Uzbekistan from 9 September of the current year.  This is defined in Article 35 of the new law "On Advertising" in the procedures for advertising biologically active ingredients and food additives.

According to the law, in the advertising of the following products, the cases below are banned:

• to give the impression that "they are considered drugs" or "have healing properties";
• to provide examples of specific cases of people being treated and their condition improved as a result of its use;
• to contain the expression of gratitude expressed by the individuals who used them;
• to encourage rejection of healthy food;
• to make references to the facts about the research and state registration of biologically active and food additives, as well as using them in the form of a direct recommendation creating the impression of superiority over means;
• to use children's images in advertising biologically active supplements that are prohibited for minors to consume.

Advertisements of biologically active food supplements and food additives must contain a warning that they are not medicinal products.

It is also not possible to conduct promotional campaigns for such products.

Article 36 of this law prohibits advertising of breast milk substitutes.


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