Nargiz Zakirova is called a “Fugitive” in the Russian press

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The well-known singer Nargiz Zokirova, who became famous in Russia through the «Голос» (voice) project, remains the target of the Russian mass media.  An article published in the "National News" called her a "fugitive" and she was said to have betrayed the country in which she gained her reputation.

The article notes that show business representatives criticizing Russia's "Special military operation" over Ukraine continue to disturb the public with their performances.

In addition, it is claimed that they are deprived from not only the previous attention and popularity, but also the huge properties established on Russian soil.  Nargiz Zakirova is among such singers.

According to the article, Nargiz Zokirova, who is a citizen of the USA, appeared on the stage in Russia in 2013 after her failure in the musical competition "X-Factor" in the USA.  She quickly caught the attention of producers and started receiving multi-million fees for her performances. For example, Nargiz Zokirova, who collaborated with the composer and producer Maksim Fadeyev from 2014 to 2019, earned 1.5-2 million rubles per concert, and up to 10 million rubles during her peak.  According to the author, Russians living in Vladimir or Tula regions dream of earning such an income throughout the year.  Nargiz Zokirova bought an apartment in Moscow shortly after earning such income.

However, the singer, who "swam" in the money of her Russian fans, never moved her children from the USA to Russia, it is said that the reason is that she does not feel safe in Russia, and her eldest daughter considers Russia to be a "Mafia country".

Nargiz Zokirova was arrested at Moscow Domodedovo Airport after criticizing Russia’s military actions against Ukraine on 24 February and was banned from entering the country until 2072.

“After leaving Russia, in «gratitude» to the society that supported her, she wrote: «My friends, finally I am in a civilized world where all social networks work freely, where all conditions are created for the development of human welfare and well-being.” - she blocked those who disagreed with her anti-Russian stance”, - the article says.

The author of the article, political scientist and historian Anton Bredixin also put forward his proposal on the Russian tax system:

“For such persons, it is necessary to reform the tax system in Russia, to give them a fixed fee, as in the Former Union, and to transfer the surplus to the budget”.
The author says that the ban imposed on Nargiz Zakirova will end when she is over 100 years old, and even if she lives that long, she will not be able to continue performing in Russia.

It should be recalled that in 1995, Nargiz Zakirova moved with her parents to the United States. In 2013 she took second place in the Russian TV project «Голос» («Voice»), and since then she has been engaged in creative activities in Russia.

Recent photos of the singer posted on her social networks show that she is currently in the United States.

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