A Cobalt and a tractor collided in Namangan. There were fatalities.



On 1 October this year, two people were killed in a collision between a car and a tractor in the Popo district of Namangan province.  This is reported by the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Namangan region.

The accident occurred at 20:00pm on the 293rd kilometer of route A-373 «Tashkent-Ush».  The driver of the «Cobalt» car, moving in the direction of Tashkent-valley, did not observe traffic safety and crashed into the front of the MTZ-80 tractor.

As a result, two passengers of the «Cobalt» car suffered serious injuries and died on the spot. The driver and two passengers were hospitalized with injuries.

In this case, the investigation department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Popsky district is conducting investigative actions.


YTH Namangan

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