Munisa Rizayeva is getting married to a Belarusian man

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37-year-old singer Munisa Rizayeva is getting married to a Belarusian man who is 7 years younger than her.  He announced this on his Instagram page.

Munisa accepted the young man’s marriage proposal in Bodrum, Turkey, and the wedding is planned to take place in Tashkent on September 7.  Currently, the couple is conducting a pre-wedding photo session in this city.

According to the singer, her future husband works in the field of economy.  The young man has already moved to Tashkent, and therefore many guests from abroad are expected to attend the wedding.

“My last name will remain, I will not change it,” Munisa said during the live broadcast in response to the offer to not change her last name.

Also, according to the singer, the young man converted to Islam because of the wedding.

Munisa Rizayeva’s manager told QALAMPIR.UZ that he does not have any information about this, and that no one but the singer herself can say anything about it.





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